Flexible Warehouse ContractsFlexible Warehouse Contracts puts you in total control of all your warehouse service needs. We can create the right warehouse contract for your business.

If you own and operate your own warehouse, then you are limited by the space that you have and the workforce that you employ. At times these factors could be holding you back from growth. At other times, these could be overheads that create an extra burden in the business profitability.

A flexible warehouse contract with FET will enable your business to cope with all the logistics stresses and demands that can be thrown at it.

We often hear from clients that the reason they didn’t switch to a flexible warehouse contract sooner was to do with management control. But actually, outsourcing your warehouse needs can give you more control because now you are dealing with a single highly efficient point of contact. Instead of a whole internal management team who are responsible for staffing, health and safety, MRHA regulations, stock control, maintenance of equipment etc – you now have a specialist organisation who are sharing those cost overheads across a wide range of clients. Thus a flexible warehouse contract from FET Logistics can give you more control over the day to day operations of your logistics and greater cost control too.