cctv vehiclesSometimes, you need to ship something securely, but with an added layer of protection on top. That’s where our Accompanied CCTV Delivery Vehicle Service comes in.

We provide a very secure freight service and then, we put an unmarked vehicle carrying CCTV and highly trained security staff, on the road, behind your shipment. This provides you with absolute assurance that your shipment has not been tampered with in any way, by any external parties.

CCTV footage is available for inspection, for verification of cargo placements onto and removal from the vehicle, along with GPS time, date and location data.

The use of a second vehicle, equipped with CCTV, is in accordance with the 2013 Guidance for the safe custody of controlled drugs and drug precursors in transit

6.2 Using a second vehicle In order to provide further safeguards and provide further assurances that deliveries have not been tampered with en route, for high risk deliveries suppliers may consider having a second vehicle follow the delivery van. On arrival, the passengers can confirm that the delivery vehicle did not make any unauthorised stops or switches and was not interfered with.

Access the 2013 Guidance Document

The Accompanied CCTV Delivery Vehicle Service is not just for the pharmaceutical industry. Extremely valuable consignments such as art works or items of rarity along with highly confidential and sensitive materials can also be protected with this secure delivery service.

The use of a follow up vehicle is invariably the best deterrent. But in the extremely unlikely event of an attempted theft, the whole incident is automatically recorded by the follow up vehicle, and evidence is obtained and secured for any ensuing criminal investigation. The staff in vehicle are SIA badged operatives.