Transportation Services In Teddington

Transportation Services In Teddington

It was never so convenient to ship medical products like controlled drugs, clinical trials and dangerous goods, especially in Teddington. With FET Logistics, you can experience what Europe labels as the best pharmaceutical delivery service in Teddington. We are a one-stop solution for all of our customers who keep coming back to us with their shipping consignments because of our motto – no compromise on quality and standard.

At FET Logistics, all of the shipped consignments are under strict monitoring and control by our CCTV escort service in Teddington. At each instant, the temperature is regulated, and the status of the delivery is tracked. And that doesn’t happen like that. It takes the supreme effort of our operations department, Security escort service and warehousing in Teddington – with which we became one of the fastest-growing temperature-controlled supply chain and logistics in Teddington.

Our Services

Pharmaceutical Delivery Service In Teddington

FET Logistics ships all kinds of medicinal items, dry ice, vaccines, dangerous goods, controlled drugs and blood for transfusion and clinical trials (the basic investigational material for research and medical testing.) Along with commercial driving licenses necessary to drive cargo vehicles in London, our drivers also have years of driving vehicle and knowledge of temperature-controlled systems.

Warehousing In Teddington

We also have hundreds of clients who are usually interested in storing medicinal products vaccines, dry ice and controlled drugs for certain hours in the warehouse. For such clients, we also have our subsidiary warehousing in Teddington. This creates further ease for the shipping clients.

Why Choose FET Logistics For Shipping Dangerous Goods And Clinical Trials In Teddington?

All of our departments work together to create such dependable and excellent pharmaceutical delivery services. No consignments are ever subcontracted to the third party – and no information is ever given out. We have a smooth documentation process with which you don’t have to do any extra paperwork before booking the order. And, you can access the facility to track your order 24*7 because we are just a call away!

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