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TAPA Security

TAPA Security with FET Logistics

At FET, we are founder members of TAPA. We have been for over 20 years and are TSR approved.

We are highly experienced in the movement of pharmaceutical and high-value consignments and destinations throughout the UK and Europe.

Our team understand the concept and significance of delivering controlled drugs and know it is highly regulated.

Our fleet is fitted with GPS remote monitoring systems for each vehicles refrigeration unit and has panic buttons monitored 24/7 for driver’s assistance.

TAPA security

What is TAPA Security?

TAPA stands for the Transported Asset Protection Association. It is an international organisation that focuses on the security of supply chains and the prevention of cargo theft.

TAPA provides industry standards, best practices, and certifications to enhance security measures and reduce risks associated with the transportation and storage of goods.

By implementing TAPA security measures, organisations can reduce the likelihood of theft, damage, and disruption to their supply chains.

At FET Logistics, we can integrate TAPA security standards into our operations to enhance the security of our customers' shipments.

Security Escort Services

Our security escort service is designed for the times when putting a package on the back of a locked truck is not enough.

We provide a highly secure freight service by deploying an unmarked vehicle with CCTV and well-trained security personnel to accompany and monitor your shipment.

At FET Logistics, we guarantee that your shipment remains untampered with by external parties. We offer CCTV footage for inspection, allowing you to verify cargo placement and removal from the vehicle. Additionally, we provide GPS data that includes the time, date, and location of your shipment.

Our adoption of a second vehicle equipped with CCTV aligns with the 2013 Guidance for the safe custody of controlled drugs and drug precursors during transit.

For smaller items, we also offer a carry-onboard service.

Choose FET Logistics for TAPA Security

Choose FET Logistics for TAPA Security

As a leading logistics company across UK and Europe, you can rest assured we will provide you with service beyond expectation.

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