Warehousing & Pharmaceutical Delivery Services

Warehousing & Pharmaceutical Delivery Services

Looking for the services of a temperature-controlled supply-chain in Shepperton? Here at FET Logistics, we provide the best pharmaceutical delivery services that you and your logistics business can benefit from.

Our Pharmaceutical Delivery Services In Shepperton

We go on while our CCTV Security Escorts In Shepperton, are tracking and monitoring each of the cargo driver’s move. What would you like to do?

Warehousing In Shepperton

With this service, we let our clients store medicines and other necessary pharmaceutical products in controlled atmospheric conditions for the time they wish. The warehouses are equipped with all the important safety and precautionary measures.

Shipping dangerous goods in Shepperton: as the name suggests, these goods require extra attention and continual regulation while being transported. Our CCTV Escort service maintains safety and quality both while such goods are enroute to the desired drop-off positions. With this, we also transport clinical trials in Shepperton in case our clients want to move biological research samples.

Highly Reliable Security Escort Service In Shepperton

With collaboration and support from our in-house security escort service in Shepperton, we take all necessary steps each day to make FET Logistics the best temperature-controlled logistics in Shepperton. This department is led by expert security personnel who are supposed to keep an eye on the cargo – clinical trials, dangerous goods and even blood transport in Shepperton. These goods are monitored at every instant to ensure their safest delivery at the drop-off position. And because we specialize in controlled-temperature refrigeration, we do our fullest in maintaining the standard and checking the atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Why Choose FET Logistics?

  1. Each consignment is handled by our in-house teams with a lot of attention and care.
  2. All of our cargo drivers have commercial driving licenses.
  3. We go about the process and never bother our clients for trivial matters regarding the documentation procedure.
  4. Our teams are learned, trained and highly experienced in their domains.
  5. And because we are confident, we always provide you with the facility to track your order anytime from anywhere.

Would you like to book your cargo service? Get in touch with our highly-dependable customer-care department who’d be more than happy in assisting you with your desired service.

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