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FET Logistics stands out as the premier choice for meeting your pharmaceutical courier needs in the UK. Our commitment is rooted in harnessing technology for societal advancement.

With our cutting-edge fleet, the transportation of pharmaceutical products undergoes a remarkable transformation, characterised by enhanced efficiency and reliability. When you pick FET Logistics, you're trusting skilled experts who are dedicated to giving top-notch service. We know how important your shipments are, and we're committed to handling them with care and precision. Leveraging our extensive expertise in manual handling, we guarantee the timely delivery of your time-sensitive and indispensable medical supplies to their designated destinations, consistently meeting your expectations with precision and care.

Reliable and Credible Pharmaceutical Delivery Services

We're experts at customising our delivery system to fit exactly what you need. We use our modern facilities and well-trained team to quickly handle any urgent requests you might have in busy London. Moreover, our pharmaceutical delivery solutions are distinguished by our fleet of fully equipped vehicles, ready to navigate through unforeseen circumstances that might jeopardise the safety of your valuable cargo.

Our vehicles are subject to continuous monitoring facilitated by real-time CCTV surveillance, ensuring swift intervention in the event of any potential issues. This comprehensive surveillance system grants our clients access to live video feeds of their parcels, instilling confidence that their merchandise remains safeguarded and intact throughout its journey to its final destination.

Our vehicles undergo continuous monitoring through real-time CCTV surveillance, ensuring prompt intervention in case of any potential issues. This surveillance system offers clients live footage of their packages, providing assurance that their goods remain secure and intact throughout the journey to their destination.

FET Logistics Offers Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Courier Services in London

FET Logistics Offers Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Courier Services in London

FET holds authorization to transport a diverse array of pharmaceutical supplies, including:

  • Hazardous materials: We specialise in handling goods classified as hazardous materials, backed by advanced technical capabilities and a skilled workforce. Our expertise ensures the safe transportation of these materials to their destination.
  • Regulated substances: We guarantee the secure transport of pharmaceuticals within the UK. Our state-of-the-art temperature-controlled vehicles and CCTV monitoring systems ensure the safe conveyance of regulated substances, maintaining their integrity throughout the journey.
  • Clinical research materials: Our proficient personnel and ADR-certified drivers facilitate the secure and timely delivery of time-sensitive clinical research materials. We minimise the risk of damage or contamination, ensuring these materials reach their destination in optimal condition.
  • Vaccinations: We understand the critical importance of timely and pristine vaccine distribution to patients. Our services are dedicated to ensuring the secure and swift transportation of vaccines and other medicinal products, maintaining their efficacy and safety throughout transit.
  • Blood plasma: With extensive experience, we confidently handle the intricate task of transporting blood products throughout the UK. Our unwavering commitment to the highest level of diligence safeguards the integrity of plasma products upon arrival, preserving their quality and ensuring patient safety.

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