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FET Logistics stands out as the premier choice for all your pharmaceutical courier needs in the UK. We are committed to harnessing technology for the advancement of humanity.

Our fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles makes the transportation of pharmaceutical goods more efficient than ever before. When you opt for FET Logistics, you are entrusting your shipments to a team of experts dedicated to delivering a seamless service, fully aware of the critical nature of such delicate work. With our extensive experience in manual handling, we ensure that your time-sensitive and urgent medical supplies consistently reach their destination on time.

Trusted and Dependable Pharmaceutical Delivery Solutions

We customise our delivery system to align with your specific requirements, leveraging our facilities and skilled staff to fulfil any demands that are crucial at the moment. Moreover, our pharmaceutical delivery services feature fully equipped vehicles prepared to address any unexpected incidents that could pose a threat to your goods.

These vehicles are under constant surveillance through real-time CCTV escort, capable of intercepting any potential issues at a moment's notice. This system also offers clients live footage of their packages, ensuring peace of mind that the goods remain untampered with and undamaged throughout the journey to their destination.

FET Logistics Provides All Pharmaceutical Courier Services

FET Logistics Provides All Pharmaceutical Courier Services

FET is accredited to transport a wide range of pharmaceutical supplies, including:

  • Dangerous goods: Our expertise extends to handling items classified as dangerous goods, supported by both technical capabilities and a skilled workforce.
  • Controlled drugs: Ensuring secure pharmaceutical deliveries within the UK, our state-of-the-art temperature-controlled vehicles and CCTV escorts guarantee the safe transportation of controlled drugs.
  • Clinical trials: Our highly trained staff and ADR trained drivers facilitate the safe and timely delivery of time-sensitive clinical trials, minimising the risk of damage or contamination.
  • Vaccines: Recognising the critical importance of timely and pristine vaccine delivery to patients, our services are dedicated to ensuring the safe and prompt transportation of vaccines and other medications.
  • Plasma: With years of experience, we proudly handle the challenging task of transporting blood products across the UK. Our commitment to the highest level of care ensures the integrity of plasma products upon arrival, maintaining their quality and safety.

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