Controlled Substances Transportation Services

Controlled Drugs Transportation

Highly Regulated Logistics

The movement of controlled drug substances is, as the phrase suggests, highly regulated.

FET specialises in the movement of pharmaceutical supplies around the UK and across Europe. We are experts in the delivery service of controlled substances across European borders as part of our high-quality services.

We can provide a secure, laboratory to laboratory shipping service within the UK and European locations.

We can provide temperature-controlled secure storage close to London and other key cities across the UK.

Our vehicles offer temperature-controlled secure transportation.

We can also offer additional services such as CCTV vehicles, escort vehicles and escort security guards if required.

Key points:

  • We hold all appropriate regulatory licences
  • ISO9001-2015 approved
  • FET staff are CRB checked
  • We do not subcontract any controlled substances shipping to other companies
How Are Controlled Drugs Supplies Handled?

How Are Controlled Drugs Supplies Handled?

As a controlled drugs professional, you must have an idea of their sensitivity to temperature and atmospheric pressure. Medical products need careful handling before and during transport to the drop off location.

At FET Logistics, we have experts who look into controlled drug transportation. Before we order pharmaceutical products, we check their type. We also ensure that we store them correctly in terms of temperature and pressure. Additionally, we determine if they require special care before delivering them to their destination.

The technical assistance teams at FET Logistics manage the controlled drugs supplies. The technical assistance teams at FET Logistics handle the controlled drugs supplies. The fleet management team inspects the vehicles, adjusts the conditions inside, provides instructions to the drivers, and discusses the parcel delivery drop off location. We always let our customers track their shipment so they can know where it is and have peace of mind.

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