Cold Chain Transportation in Manchester

A cold chain is a temperature - controlled supply chain that sustains a constant temperature range throughout the supply chain, starting from production to distribution. It's an essential process for maintaining the quality and integrity of temperature-sensitive products such as perishable food items, delicate chemicals, and life-saving pharmaceuticals.

Here at FET, we recognise the crucial importance of this process and with going the extra mile to ensure that your goods are delivered and stored under the exact temperature controls. Our committed efforts ensure that products reach you in the M1 area within optimal condition, protecting their safety and efficacy and the worth. With FET, you will be able to trust that your items are in capable hands, providing reassurance with every delivery.

The cold chain has three main components which must be merged to ensure safe vaccine transport & storage:

  • Transport and storage equipment.
  • Trained personnel.
  • Efficient management procedures.

Regardless of if it is a part of a Clinical Trial or Commercial Product for distribution, FET understands and acknowledge to the need for a cold chain transportation that are for temperature-sensitive shipment while customers goods are on the move.

FET are specialists in refrigeration, chilled and temperature-controlled transportation, as well as cold storage space. We specialise in managing the cold chain logistics, ensuring that products maintain their required temperature ranges throughout transit, especially in the critical zones.

All core members of staff within the FET understand the need for temperature stability during transit, particularly in the following rangers:

  • 15-25°C, Controlled ambient
  • 2-8°C, Refrigerated
  • -20°C Frozen
Explore a Range of Refrigerated Transport Solutions in Manchester

Explore a Range of Refrigerated Transport Solutions in Manchester

Cold Chain Logistics is vital for the safe transport of pharmaceuticals, necessitating precise temperature and humidity control throughout the journey. At FET Logistics, we specialise in providing refrigerated transport services tailored to meet the unique needs of each pharmaceutical shipment. Whether it's cold chain, plasma, clinical trials, dry ice, vaccines, or hazardous goods, we've got you covered.

Rest assured, your cargo is in good hands with us. We prioritise security, employing CCTV monitoring to ensure the integrity of your consignment from pickup to delivery. Our commitment to security extends to smartphone tracking, allowing you to monitor your delivery in real-time, anywhere, anytime.

Our dedicated teams in Manchester are well-equipped and trained to handle cold chain logistics and refrigerated transport services. Staff undergo rigorous aviation security training and hold current CRB checks. Moreover, they undergo specialised training in Good Transportation Practices tailored to the pharmaceutical industry. This ensures proficiency in handling pharmaceuticals, operating independent data loggers, and adhering to GDP compliance at all times.

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