Why Choose FET Logistics Ltd For Medical Courier Services?

FET Logistics Ltd is a medical courier company and we are the best in the UK. They offer a reliable and fast service, with secure delivery of medical items to the customer's door. They have International and nationwide coverage and can be called 24 hours a day.

FET Logistics Ltd was founded in 1999 to provide an efficient delivery service for Medical Supplies in London and we have now expanded their service nationwide. We are the best in the industry for medical courier service. Unsafe and late delivery is a thing of the past as they deliver almost every time.

FET Logistics Ltd is an expert at packaging products to ensure safe and on time to their destination. This can include padding, cushioning and bubble wrap for fragile items or additional layers of protection for larger objects. They also use a diverse range of shipping containers, including those designed for hazardous materials, providing a large selection of sizes. Shipping container units are great for temporary use and permanent ones. These units are also very secure. Your home or business place will be protected from potential intruders with a chain-link fence surrounding these containers.

We have a well-trained team of drivers who provide door-to-door and secure services for customers. We also assure quality at the most affordable prices for our customers worldwide, so you can always rely on us no matter what your needs may be!


Medical courier services are another example of on-demand convenience for customers. To accommodate the demand, medical and lab couriers are springing up. As a result, medical courier services are stepping up to the task and providing excellent service.


We are a company, who have been delivering medical goods for more than 20 years. We offer a 100% quality, professional and discreet service to our customers all over the UK and Europe. We are experts in both home and hospital deliveries and pride ourselves on the individual service we offer to each customer, no matter how small or large the order may be.


A medical courier service is familiar with the ins and outs of medical transport as well as any state rules or requirements. Medical transportation in several states necessitates special certification.

For example, you need a “3PL” certificate to transport pharmaceuticals in London.


Medical courier firms with experience and all of the essential equipment are the best. We also provide excellent training to our lab courier drivers.

Medical deliveries are handled by drivers who understand how to keep them safe. They are aware of potential health concerns and how to reduce them for themselves and anybody else who comes into contact with the supplies.

These specialists have received training in transportation and logistics efficiency, as well as courtesy and customer care.

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Contact us today if you have any queries about our medical courier services and learn how we can be your smart pharmaceutical logistics partner.

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