Pharmaceutical Guide To Drugs Courier Services

If you’re employed in the healthcare industry, as a pharmacist or a home-carer, you may avail benefits of a medical courier service to collect or deliver medical specimens and samples.

healthcare logistics in the UK and Europe can offer complete peace of mind for the patients along with the healthcare professionals.

They recognise the need for confidentiality with medical deliveries, and that is why they handle each healthcare delivery with the utmost compassion, care and proficiency. All drivers that collect and deliver medical equipment and medicines are adequately trained and approved by the UK’s top healthcare companies.

Medical Logistics assist in various parts of the healthcare industry, including nationwide distribution of pharmaceuticals, delivering medical equipment and its installation, pharmacy home deliveries,  and collection and deliveries of medical specimens.

So in the following article, we will be discussing the benefits of using a medical courier service and how these services can be better utilised in your business.

Time-Sensitive Deliveries

Be it medical equipment, pharmaceuticals or home deliveries, they all ultimately depend on timely responsiveness. We all know just how crucial it is for the customers and patients to receive medicine at the right place and time.

Recently, an example of this concerned a driver delivering urgent medication to a patient’s house. The medicine was only obtainable from one location, which means the driver travelled across the ends of the country just to make sure the child received the emergency medication on time. This not only showcases the healthcare logistics solutions readiness but also the time-critical responsiveness of the team, outperforming in their service with a 99.99 per cent rate of delivery.

Collecting and Delivering Samples

When a patient is being diagnosed with a disease, it’s extremely important that the diagnosis takes place as soon as possible, so that the patient can get on with the treatment earlier too. If you’re in search of a trusted sample collection and delivery service, you’ll have to locate a medical courier service which offers a quick, trackable, and safe delivery.

The drivers of healthcare logistics in the UK, like ours, receive proper training, which enables them to transport specimen samples of the patients from blood donation centres, GP surgeries,  and elder care homes, to required laboratories and hospitals across the country. A few types of samples that are collected and delivered include:

  • Samples of blood
  • Samples of microbiology specimens
  • Liquid feed
  • Body fluids for testing purpose
  • Specimen for referencing/Cultured infectious tissue

Containers for Blood Transportation

The blood cold chain is open knowledge to all and needs to be viewed as a chain with a controlled set of steps, from donation up to the point of transfusion, so to maintain the blood donation sample and its components.

To ensure that the blood and components in transit have a secure controlled temperature environment for, blood transport containers can be of use during this process from one place to another. This kind of transport container consists of an insulated box that provides a space that is isolated from the ambient or external environment when sealed. Through the efficient insulating material,  it is possible to control the temperature in the box and prevent it from changes occurring by the ambient temperature.

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