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Logistics is the backbone of a country's economic development. It is a part of supply chain management where it implements, plans, and controls the storage and flow of services and goods to meet customers' requirements. Therefore, it directly impacts the operation and working of a successful organization. As transportation becomes more complex due to the increasing number of goods, the need for logistics arises. If you own a business or need to relocate, you can rent a mini truck from a reputable company like FET Logistics. This notable logistics firm strives to offer the best intra-city transportation service in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. They use next-generation services and class-leading technology to deliver goods comprehensively.

Transportation of Refrigerated Goods

The transportation of refrigerated goods is a significant concern for the logistics industry. The cold chain is an integral part of the supply chain, especially regarding food and pharmaceuticals.

Cold Chain Logistics:

A cold chain is a continuous operation that transports and stores products at or below the freezing point. The goal of a cold chain is to maintain product safety and quality by keeping them at or below freezing, with minimal fluctuation in temperature.

Transport Refrigerated Goods:

Refrigerated goods are transported through air, land, or sea to provide adequate temperature control. Transporting refrigerated goods requires special equipment such as insulated containers and trucks with specialised cooling systems.

How to Choose the Best Cold Chain Transportation Service Provider?

Cold chain transport is a vital process for any pharmaceutical company. It ensures that the products are transported at the right temperature to ensure the efficacy and quality of the product.

When choosing a cold chain transportation service provider, many factors to consider. One of the most important factors is their experience in transporting pharmaceutical products. The more experienced they are, the better they handle these delicate products. Another critical factor is their customer service and responsiveness. Some companies have strict requirements for their customer service representatives and only work with providers who meet them.

Cold Chain Logistics Tips for Refrigerated Transport Shippers

People looking to ship refrigerated cargo should be aware of the different types of cold chain logistics. They should also be aware of the different methods for loading and unloading a refrigerated trailer.

The following is an overview of the various types of cold chain logistics:

– Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide)

– Liquid nitrogen

– Thermoform packaging

– Cryogenic tanks

– Refrigerated truck trailers.

If you are searching for a platform in the UK that caters to the absolute requirements for refrigerated transport services, then look no further than FET Logistics. It is an acclaimed and trustworthy cold chain transport company which is entirely technology-driven. It has a highly specialized team with a premium experience in logistics and operations. As a result, it provides unbeatable logistics services, surpassing all the conventional methodologies. FET Logistics is a top-notch logistic company that aims to offer technology-driven and scalable logistics solutions to small-scale and large-scale firms. They are consistently working to deliver the next wave of rapid deliveries with the help of scalable logistics infrastructure and asset-light service for the transportation network. Therefore, it is the one-stop place for those seeking the most satisfactory logistics service.

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