Do Efficient Healthcare Logistics Really Matter In The Digital Age?

No matter how fast and automated the world becomes, there is one concern that would always be at the top – right patient care delivered at the right time and under right conditions. And for the same reason, health care logistics in the UK are never going to take the matter lightly. If not taken lightly, has digital advancement impacted the functions of healthcare logistics in any way? Yes, it has, and especially in the UK. And that’s the biggest answer that reaches the roots of our main question.

Stricter Regulatory Requirements

A driver and the vehicle have to go through certain checks before they can go blindly on the road. The UK has one of the most rigid statutory compliance orders that all healthcare logistics solutions providers have to abide by. That’s why, at FET Logistics, we also ensure our drivers have the relevant commercial driving licenses required by authorities.

Driver’s Training

Healthcare Logistics in the UK are mandated to perform regular background checks, criminal records, and narcotic assessments to ensure the drivers are in the right state to deliver pharmaceutical products. Efficient cold supply chains usually do not subcontract or outsource these tasks – rather their in-house teams are given this charge. In the healthcare profession, every day is a good fit for learning and development, and so drivers are taught methods for rightly handling the medical products – be it clinical trials, dangerous goods, or vaccines.

Warehousing Facilities

There are times when medical shipments need extra care and attention in terms of temperature. Plus, they need a storage facility before they are made to ship to and from cities. In order to ensure that medical shipments don’t perish or lose their efficiency, as most vaccines do, some healthcare logistics also provide warehousing facilities. Now because of the digital advancements, the customer can access the conditions of shipment on taps their fingers and can monitor the performance of thermostats, and delivery credentials from anywhere anytime.

Monitoring and Control Measures

While the world is going digital, more power is given to the consumers of different services. In the health logistics particularly, customers can monitor the progress of their medical shipments from miles away on smartphones using automated maps, accurate locations and estimated delivery times subject to unpredictable daily conditions like traffic. Similarly, the warehousing, CCTV escorts service and the temperature monitoring devices that we just mentioned are parts of the control and audit measures taken by the most reputable health care logistics solution providers in the UK. While these cold supply chains are investing in the devices, atmospheric facilities and customer care, they are also obtaining the right international certifications to prove standard services to the customers.

It can be remarked that healthcare, such a sensitive field where human lives are at risk, has been digitized for good. And so, the quality of healthcare logistics does really matter even in the digital age, or maybe more than ever before. Choosing the right healthcare logistic solutions, hence, conforms to the fact that one is contributing to the better quality of overall human life.

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