Choosing the Right Medical Courier

We are now living in a world where deliveries are expected in fewer than 7 days, and so it comes as no surprise that the field of medicine expects the best quality services when it invests in a medical courier service. Whether it is medical emergencies or medication transports, the courier used must be able to uphold the standards of excellence put forth by the multiple agencies to offer the best possible deliveries. We know that picking just the right healthcare logistics solutions for you can be complicated and so we have compiled some key points you should keep in mind while looking for one.

Expert Training And Compliance

Being a business that depends on movement and transportation of medical equipment and specimens, medical couriers should comply with the different agencies that influence their work. For those purposes, medical logistics services, like ours, thoroughly train every driver of ours for OSHA, USDOT, ECP, and PHI compliance to provide each client with the best of care.


It is quite crucial for anyone in the medical industry to be able to call on a medical logistics service at any time of the day. Choosing the rightly committed fleet service in the UK implies having access to their facilities no matter what time and day. For instance, FET Logistics is always available, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We are dedicated to serving our customers and not the calendar.

Experience and Knowledge of The Field

Individuals that are part of the medical courier service need to be fully prepared and trained for any circumstance which involves more than just acquiring the tools to do so. The best healthcare logistics solutions in business are the ones who are well-informed, well-trained and have relevant experience in the field to support it. Half of the battle is won through the logistics when navigating these important deliveries, and there’s no better way to learn these skills than first-hand practice.

When you begin to look for a suitable courier, you must right away search for an organization that is capable of serving you at night and on weekends. If a patient requires their medicine, waiting until the next business day doesn’t make sense. Always ensure that the medical courier service you pick is present for patients and business whenever needed.

Customer Service

Last but not the least, satisfying customer service of a courier company is a necessity. Some medical couriers may look good on record but may not be very professional in person or difficult to get in touch with. Courier businesses that claim to make medical deliveries need to have open customer service lines all day every day of the week. Closing on weekends is not a choice. Additionally, courier delivery drivers must be a combination of friendly and professional. Uniformed drivers, drivers who have customer service experience, and drivers with branded vehicles will help put the patient’s mind at rest. Along with this, every delivered package should go with signature verification.

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