Delivery And Warehousing Service In Ashford

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It was never this easy to transport items like dry ice, vaccines and investigational stuff of clinical trials. With us, your logistic services are just click away from you. FET Logistics is an emerging brand and one-stop solution for all of your temperature-controlled logistics needs in Ashford.

Delivery And Warehousing Service In Ashford

We supply all types of pharmaceutical items – be it controlled drugs that require heavy regulation, blood for transfusions, vaccines, or biological research materials (clinical trials). We understand that these substances require transportation environment with a predetermined temperature and we never compromise on that. Our experience of dealing with all these sensitive and dangerous goods with care and efficiency has helped us become one of the highly trusted and reliable temperature-controlled supply chains in Ashford.

Dangerous Goods In Ashford

There are certain special items, materials, and equipment that are categorised as ‘dangerous goods’. Being in the transportation and logistics industry, we have developed experience and personnel to deal with daily matters pertaining to dangerous goods.

Warehousing In Ashford

We maximize our clients’ benefits by letting them store medicines, blood, controlled drugs, and vaccines in a warehouse that’s compliant to rules set out by medical and logistics authorities.

Why Choose FET Logistics?

  1. We never subcontract the shipping and handle each of your consignment with care.
  2. We have all the relevant licenses that are required to move sensitive cargo within and outside the borders.
  3. We are trusted by millions throughout Europe.
  4. We go about instant documentation – ourselves, without bothering our clients.
  5. We are highly accessible, and with our open-door policy, you can track and monitor the progress of all of your equipment every instant.

Quality services aren’t just chances. These are opportunities for us and for our clients that are crafted by our trained and highly experienced personnel who have accredited certifications and are licensed to handle special medical equipment. Leave us a message or fill our short application form to know more about our Pharmaceutical delivery services in Ashford.

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